Welcome to the Quantified Flu!

Whether COVID-19, the flu or the common cold: Can wearables warn us when we're getting sick? Help us find out!

We have two ways you can contribute…

Report past illness

Report when you got sick and share your wearable device data. We'll plot your data for you! Currently we support Fitbit & Oura Ring, Apple Watch, Garmin and Google Fit. Ask us to add support for your wearable, if yours is missing so far!

Track symptoms going forward

Sign up for daily check-ins to tell us if you got sick, as well as symptoms and viral test results.

Using your data for good

You can opt-in to share the aggregated and deidentified data with researchers and publicly, to maximize the impact of your data! This includes some weeks of wearable data around the sick dates, as well as the reported symptoms.

Get started

Click the button above to get started. Accounts are managed via Open Humans, which enables you to securely store, access, and manage your wearable data. You can easily create an account as part of the login process.